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Birthdate:Nov 24
Website:Tales from Empress Lynsey
Hi, I'm the almighty Empress Lynsey.

I am a geek. I prefer to think of myself as creative but everyone else still insists on the term geek. So I have accepted this and now proudly embrace it. I was a band geek in high school, I played the flute but have sadly not picked it up in the years since and so am completely out of practice. In University I took a double major and now have a bachelor of Computer Science with a co-op certificate and bachelor of Arts with honours in History. I now work as a technical analyst and web programmer.

I have several hobbies that my mother keeps trying to convince me to grow out of. I love to roleplay. (usually I play a wizard or the closest thing I can find in the system) I have a brown belt in judo and teach a kid's class. My other major form of exercise is bellydancing, which I've been doing for about four years now. Recently I started helping to teach the classes with my dance instructor.

I like to read history books (yes, I read text books on occasion, more of my geek nature showing). For fiction I prefer and the occasional manga or comic book. Movies is about the same. Although anything really well written can catch my attention. And I also enjoy watching anime.

One of my great joys in life is writing, mostly fantasy genre. I hope to someday see my work published, and I'm currently trying to convince people to read and give me feedback. I post a lot of work at and I also post to my writing community fantastic_tales, which has very few members so it's more or less my personal writing journal that other people can post to. Sadly making my work publicly available could endanger my ability to someday try to publish it. So if you're interested in beta-reading my work on lj then you have to join the community.

That I guess is me in a nutshell.

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